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Annie is a business development executive and executive producer with 20 years of experience covering a wide range of creative projects including AR/VR, traditional film & tv, digital content, commercials, and documentary production.


A dealmaker and relationship manager with a passion for content creation and cutting-edge technology, she has a high impact track record for leading companies in Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

A pioneer in the medium of virtual reality (VR), Hanlon was VP / Head of Content Partnerships at Lytro (acquired by Google) and an executive producer at the VR production company Here Be Dragons, where she produced award-winning immersive projects on a global scale including VR documentary The Protectors (dir Kathryn Bigelow) which premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival.

In 2018 she co-founded Alchemy Tech & Entertainment Group and helps clients like Cisco integrate technology advancements into entertainment industry pipelines and workflows.

Annie mentors students for the ETC @USC Immersive Media Challenge (USC School of Cinematic Arts), and is an Emmy voting member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Commercial and Interactive Media Peer Groups) as well as a member of the International Documentary Association.


Lisa has been at the frontlines of entertainment since her start as a young performer, which led her to both TV writing and feature casting for various award-winning offices. Once introduced to the Producers’ Guild, she delved into trade conferences and navigating topics valuable to the industry.

Later, as a connector for thought leaders at top tier technology and entertainment companies, Lisa led Strategic Partnerships at The Advanced Imaging Society.

She has shaped some of the immersive industry’s premiere events (such as On the Lot and XR On the Bay) and created innovative platforms and programs focusing on everything from storytelling to 5G.

As a consultant at Alchemy, Lisa now guides companies like Cisco through the Media and Entertainment landscape, including co-innovation partnerships with Studios, and facilitates entry points into conservation-related documentary content in which their technology plays a role.

Lisa’s specialty lies in connecting different types of thinkers, from the abstract artist to the networking engineer, and she is grateful that the state of entertainment is one in which we celebrate their growing connection to one another. She is an Emmy voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (Interactive Media Peer Group) and lives in Los Angeles.

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